Healthy living has been on the rise and a large number of people today lead an active lifestyle. Nowadays neither people want to restrict their daily activities, be it domestic or professional, nor do they want to limit their participation in social and recreational activities. In today's world, almost every individual wants to enjoy life with the highest possible functional freedom whether s/he is recovering from an acute trauma or is suffering from a chronic ailment. Giving due importance and respect to this fundamental human desire and behaviour, the very concept of treatment of a disease or the management of a health condition doesn't stop at early detection and treatment, but also extends to disability limitation and proper medical rehabilitation. At the individual as well as a societal level, it is being increasingly perceived that re-ablement through proper medical rehabilitation is of utmost importance for leading a fruitful life. With the ever increasing load of acute and chronic musculoskeletal diseases like soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, arthritis & pain and ailments involving other systems like stroke, spinal cord injury, movement disorders etc., medically directed and medically supervised rehabilitation has become immensely important. To meet that demand we have introduced the specialised branch of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at Fortis Hospitals, Kolkata. The department is functioning with the specially focused and dedicated team led by a Physiatrist (Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist) to get all the patients back to their life as normal as possible, to help them achieve the highest possible functional ability. Our physical medicine doctors are some of the best in the country.


Our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department is well equipped to assess, diagnose and treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal diseases including arthritis sports injuries, cumulative trauma disorders, posture related symptoms, neck pain, back pain etc. The physical medicine and rehabilitation spine clinic also provides the rehabilitative management of the patients suffering from neurological disorders like stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, movement disorders etc. The department also extends its service to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation etc. among others. In fact medical rehabilitation can be applied to each and every patient, so the service is utilised whenever required for indoor and outdoor patients. The Physiatrist often works in collaboration with doctors of other specialty departments like orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, neuromodicine, internal medicine etc. following a multidisciplinary model. A coordinated team approach is often helpful. Rehabilitation team also includes other health care professionals like physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, orthotist & Prosthetists, physiatrist doctors, etc.,