At Fortis, we firmly believe and ascertain that citizens of a country should have unparalleled access to quick, timely, and equitable health care services which consistently strive to deliver the best patient outcomes. Sometimes, people are often very unwell and require the aid of specialized staff and facilities to nurse them back to the pink of health, sometimes by deploying intensive medical care. Our critical care facilities serve that very purpose as they are staffed with critical care specialists and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that helps in closely monitoring and treating patients with life-threatening conditions.

Our critical care hospital is helmed by a multidisciplinary healthcare team that is accorded for facilitating best-in-class patient care. Keeping that in mind, our critical care services have enabled us to transform the lives of patients not only in need of critical medical care but also the promise of a good life. Our critical care services have therefore emerged to be the best critical care unit in Kolkata. Through our critical care measures and innovative methods, we seek to ensure quicker recovery times, and seamless access to all the right care departments within the hospital. Thus, the right blend of tech and intent helps us deliver outstanding support along with the peace of mind to every patient who walks in believing that critical support and care will be available, and at any time of the day.

Areas of Care

At Fortis, our critical care facility is a proud provider of intensive care medicine like no other. Our mission is not only to save lives which is obviously our job, but to help patients return to normalcy as soon and better as possible. Our healthcare services thrive on compassion and empathy that lead us to provide an array of medical and surgical solutions for areas such as:

  • Gynaecology
  • Bariatric
  • Trauma Care
  • Renal Care
  • Obstetrics
  • Neurology

Our mindfully-designed healthcare structure allows us to house multiple specialisations that employ the use of a wide range of latest technologies, equipment, and studies to ultimately provide the best of all worlds:

  • PICU - Paediatric Intensive Care or Paediatric Critical Care Unit (providing sick children with the highest level of medical care)
  • MICU - Medical Intensive Care Unit (for adult patients who are severely ill, fand require frequent monitoring as well as intensive, round-the-clock care from a highly trained group of healthcare professionals)
  • NICU - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (for new born infants who need intensive medical attention especially in case of ill or premature newborn infants)
  • CSICU - Cardiac Surgery ICU (for treating patients requiring major cardiothoracic and vascular operations)
  • CCU - Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Critical care, and other specialties

Although each unit's set-up is slightly different, all these units specialise in providing enhanced post-operative monitoring, care, and ICU medicine for our patients. In addition, all these units support critically ill patients by incorporating a coordinated approach to patient care where every aspect of treatment is closely monitored and facilitated in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Patients who require a longer period of treatment and ventilation can continue their recovery here with the help of early, skilled assistance and often stay for a longer period of time before being discharged home.


We believe that all our patients should receive the highest standard of health care based on proven & time-tested medical experience, practice, and knowledge. Our team comprises skilled healthcare professionals who are known to offer expert, patient-centric care for individuals with complex critical care needs. That being said, our healthcare professionals are actively looking at new and innovative ways of enhancing the quality of care provided to critical care patients and therefore, improve patient outcomes.

We have an array of medical professionals, surgeons, physicians, and consultants, who are ably supported by a multidisciplinary team from a wide range of departments and support services throughout the hospital. Thanks to our facilities and our top-notch staff, we can look after patients with life-threatening conditions, including those on life support. We aim to set a new international standard for treating the sickest patients and hope to offer people a chance to rebuild their lives.