Rheumatological diseases affect the joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles. Sometimes they are called musculoskeletal diseases. Not to forget about the subset of diseases called vasculitis that causes inflammation of the blood vessels, leading to crippling diseases, even death, if untreated. Some systems like SLE, affects multiple systems of the body. Some of the best rheumatologists in Kolkata are studying several such conditions to remove the constraints of musculoskeletal diseases.

Muscle and joint disorders can affect both children and adults. A medical history and physical tests, along with blood tests and X-rays are used to diagnose rheumatic diseases.

Arthritis refers to inflammation of a joint. The inflammation can affect any of the important structures inside a joint, including the joint lining (synovium), bones, cartilage, or supporting tissues. Common symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, stiffness, and swelling of the joint. The condition may affect one, a few, or many joints throughout the body. There are many possible cause of arthritis, although some are much more common than others. Some types of arthritis respond well to treatment and resolve without any lingering effects, whereas other types of arthritis are more difficult to control and can lead to some disabilities.

There are many possible causes of arthritis, including age-related wear and tear, infections, autoimmune conditions, injuries, and others.

Joint symptoms: the most common symptoms of arthritis include joint pain and stiffness. There may also be joint pain and stiffness. there may also be joint tenderness, swelling and limited movement of one or more joints. The skin over the joint sometimes turns red and warm.

There are two main types of arthritis: inflammatory and non-inflammatory. Examples of inflammatory arthritis includes infectious arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloathritis, SLE (lupus), Sjorgren syndrome, MCTD scheloroderma, polymyalgia rheumatica, gout, to name a few. An example of non-inflammatory arthritis is osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis.

Other symptoms vary according the organs affected. Respiratory distress, recurrent red eyes, unresolved fever, bleeding from nose, neurological complains, haematological irregularities, severe headache, heart block, renal failure, etc may be the presenting manifestations at times.


The Department of Rheumatology has a team of rheumatologists in Fortis Kolkata have specialists who diagnose and examine the condition closely. Then a tailored treatment plan is made that may include medications, regular exercise, a healthy diet, rest and more. Some of the best rheumatologist in Kolkata gain their experience because they see more and more unique case each year, influencing them into examining and evaluating several types of arthritis and many kinds of vasculitis, autoimmune connective tissue diseases, and inflammatory muscle disorders. The multidisciplinary teamwork at Fortis works together to provide the patient with quality and seamless care that addresses all of the individuals specific joint or musculoskeletal needs. The team is also very efficient in focusing on complete patient care by using advanced series of tests which help in quick and accurate identification of the root cause of the problem and hence ensuring effective treatment plans. The department offers has been recognised as one of the best rheumatology hospitals in Kolkata for outpatient services, in-hospital work-up, medication and treatment facilities, Intra-articular therapies and finest diagnostic procedures including CT-Scan, bone densitometry etc. The department also consists of a well-equipped department of physiotherapy.

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Fortis Hospital has been a leading institution in administering quality health across India. Fortis Kolkata works as a strong unit with a multidisciplinary team providing their healthcare expertise. The diagnosis is further aided to provide a quick recovery with top of the line medical technology. The top rheumatologists in Kolkata are part of the institution working tirelessly to make healthcare a priority.