The term "plastic surgery" comes from the Greek word "plastikos," meaning, to mould or shape. The field of Plastic Surgery is broken into two primary parts - reconstructive procedures and cosmetic procedures. Both the procedures are usually reckoned as sub-specialities of plastic surgery.

Several people who choose reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery in Kolkata do so after a lot of deliberation and for good reasons that suits them. The treatments range from the removal of acne scar to restoring burned skin. Though, patients are required to carefully consider this form of surgical care in good health while understanding the risks of the procedure.

Here are certain aspects to note:

  • Have practical expectations after a thorough discussion with some of leading skin specialists, here at Fortis Hospital.
  • Understand that there may be medical risks and may include a long recovery period
  • Check if any chronic health conditions should be addressed.
  • Must have no smoking history or refrain from smoking cigarettes and nicotine products, 4-6 weeks before and after surgery.
  • Maintaining a steady weight for six months to one year.


The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, at Fortis Kolkata, is made of a team that consists of some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata. All of whom are very qualified and lead the department with years of experience. Fortis Kolkata also prides itself for always having state-of-the-art technology that can be accessed by the team for effective yet minimally invasive cosmetic-reconstruction techniques. The experience of the team makes the procedures or treatments complete safe for patients. The surgeons understand the emotional upheaval of going through a serious surgery and therefore, find the best possible way to make the patient feel relaxed and positive.