Bones are the unsung heroes of the human body because without the skeletal system the body would collapse. Most human bones are strong and can withstand minimal forces, but not always.

In the case of a sports injury or accidental fall, bones require immediate attention, which can be best provided by some of the top orthopaedic doctors in Fortis Hospital, Kolkata. And to get you back home easily and go about your daily tasks, our orthopaedic surgery specialists are committed to providing the highest standards of medical diagnosis and treatment.

At Fortis Hospital, Kolkata, our Department of Orthopaedics is one of the leading providers of comprehensive, seamless and integrated orthopaedic services. We have some of the best orthopaedic doctors in Kolkata who push the boundaries of the medical world to put the patient back on his feet as soon as possible. Our specialists engage in orthopaedic evaluation and treatment which help alleviate pain surrounding the joints and tissues.

Whether you're seeking conservative care or planning for surgery, our top bone specialists in Kolkata are highly trained in many techniques to help you walk through the process easily.

We always have the best treatment for our patients; therefore it is only natural that some of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Kolkata have access to the latest equipment and technology to treat people in hip resurfacing and total hip replacement, total knee replacement surgery, shoulder replacement, ankle and elbow replacement, arthroscopy and orthopaedic physiotherapy.

Delivering world-class patient care in Kolkata

At Fortis Kolkata, the orthopaedic doctors conduct more ground-breaking research to improve care and cure when patients visit us. Pioneering in the latest surgical procedures, our specialists lead the Orthopedics field with the utmost innovation and expertise.

For the treatment of complex or rare conditions, our bone specialists who are recognised for their expertise and experience, diagnose and treat you with the much-needed extra care and professionalism.

Fortis Kolkata has an in-house team of Orthopedic doctors and surgeons who have an eye for detail in everything they do.

No procedure is too difficult for our Orthopedists and they make the most complex surgery seem routine with their excellence and experience. Some orthopaedic surgeries may take longer than anticipated, but it is our surgeons' enthusiasm and zeal that pushes all the limits.

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