Internal medicine is that branch of medicine that primarily focuses on the care of adults of all age groups. Under this specialty, internal medicine doctors as they are called, look to accurately diagnose, treat, and prevent the reoccurrence of a varied number of diseases that afflict adults right from those illnesses which require short-term care to serious chronic illness. It is a specialty in healthcare that is responsible for managing and curing multisystem and complex conditions that a single-organ specialist might not be well versed with.


At Fortis, the primary aim of our internist doctors is to make sure that you are always administered the most appropriate treatment and right management for your specific condition, so that you can be referred to the right organ specialist for further treatment. We are equipped to handle a wide array of health problems.

While an internal medicine specialist can choose to subspecialize in one illness or focus on a particular part of the body, in many cases, they can also decide on treating the person on the whole instead of just focusing on some or all of the internal organs. Our general medicine specialists have subspecialty interests and have vast knowledge about the various diseases affecting particular organs and/or organ systems. In this regard, they can either be termed as generalists or subspecialists like cardiologists who focus on heart-related issues or rheumatologists who focus on rheumatic illnesses such as arthritis. However, an internist physician shouldn't be mistaken for a general medicine physician or family practitioner as both of them are distinctively different.

Fortis, as a general medicine clinic, takes special care to provide the most caring and compassionate internal medicine services to our patients and their families. At Fortis, internal medicine practice is just one of our many specialties. Our team of experienced internists will work with you to assess your symptoms, determine the underlying cause of your condition, and thereon, customize the most effective treatment plan to stimulate your recovery.