Easy to remember and access, emergency number - 03366284040

A highly advanced fully-equipped intensive care unit

In-house laboratory and blood bank services

Dedicated elevators for speedy transfer of patients to the operating theatres and intensive care units

State-of-the-art ambulances with an inbuilt intensive care unit, multi para monitoring, ventilator, oxygen facility and an entire range of modern equipment to facilitate prompt patient care.

In some instances, burns, cuts and scrapes, choking, animal and snake bites, and fainting can also bring a medical emergency and pose an immediate risk to the life of the patient. Depending on the cause of the emergency and severity of the condition, our expert team consisting of specialist doctors, trained nurses and other healthcare professionals, who are proficient in providing immediate recognition, evaluation and stabilization, offer unscheduled and accurate medical care to the patient in the fast and most efficient manner possible.