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Specialists of the bone

Right from diagnosis to recovery and rehabilitation, personalized care from the team makes you undergo the whole treatment in a very relaxed manner. The holistic team comprises of physical therapists to help with injuries that do not require surgery. Our specialists team up with other departments to get a better-tailored treatment in case the diagnosis requires it. Doctors here establish the most satisfying patient-doctor relationships to bring out faster recovery.

From simple fractures to complex spinal injuries, and from newborns to senior citizens; we have the solution for everything at Fortis Kolkata.

Many patients who opt for knee replacement surgery are worried about the complications it might bring. At Fortis Kolkata, knee replacement surgeries are led by some of the best knee replacement surgeons in Kolkata. Professional diagnosis and treatment, advanced technologies and medical equipment with personalised care help in faster recovery.

Every member of Fortis Kolkata shares their commitment to improving lives through compassionate care for those with bone and joint conditions. With the experience of thousands of procedures, we focus on providing world-class services at an affordable cost to society.

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