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Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology focusses on the inter-connection between the cancer and the biochemical areas within the body that it lives and grows on. Hence, this mode of cancer treatment involves the combination of the best of modern medicine and natural, evidence-based alternative therapies to best relieve pain and stem the cancer in its growth path. This integrative approach includes all aspects of treatment from a nutritious diet, right exercise, stress busting techniques such as meditation, right breathing, music therapy, etc., in a targeted approach to not only reduce pain and inflammation but also to boost emotional health.

Preventive Oncology

Cancer can be prevented, as is evident from the numerous studies of lifestyle and dietary habits of people all over the world. The increase in cancer cases globally also reveals the toxic effects of the environment on our health. There is another segment of those with a family history of cancer who come under the hereditary risk factors.

However, doctors at Fortis believe there is hope yet and lifestyle modifications in tandem with healthy food habits can prevent the growth of cancer cells in our body.

With the chief objective of preventing the development and progression of cancer and promoting early detection in high risk groups, the Preventive Oncology services was established at Fortis Cancer Institute. Besides educating and instilling in people the significance of cancer prevention through nutrition and lifestyle orientation workshops and lectures on tobacco and alcohol use, the department of Preventive Oncology also conducts regular screening for:

  • Risk assessment
  • Genetic counselling
  • Risk Reduction Strategy that includes Chemoprevention for breast cancer, prophylactic surgery in BRAC or those with genetic risk of breast cancer, tobacco cessation program, and dietary and lifestyle modifications

Preventive Oncology Services also include comprehensive cancer screening for Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Colorectal cancer, Prostate cancer, Mouth cancer, Skin cancer, Cervical cancer, etc.

Screening is also done for cancer survivors to detect the probability of secondary cancers. Visit Fortis Kolkata to get the best cancer treatment in Kolkata.

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology involves the diagnosis, management, and treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and other medications that include targeted therapy and Immunotherapy. Fortis houses some of the best oncologists in Kolkata for all types of medical oncology.

At present a dedicated immuno-oncology team with proper setup is there and we are running a full-fledged immuno-oncology practice.

From the moment a patient is diagnosed with a tumour or malignancy, in any stage of growth, Fortis dedicated Tumour Board of celebrated oncologists, radiologists, haemotologists, pain and palliative care specialists, physiotherapists, counsellors, etc from various specialities, put in their expertise together to discuss the best mode of treatment and holistic care.

Since each patient's condition is different from one another, the doctors counsel the patient and family members on the optimal treatment customised personally for the patient. This personalised approach at the Fortis Cancer Institute involves a combination of chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy most effective in the treatment process and with the patient's comfort being the priority. As a top ranking oncology hospital, Fortis Kolkata prioritises its patient's oncological needs.

Surgical Oncology

Surgery is one of the safest treatment methods in cancer care. With advanced technological instruments aiding surgeons today, the surgical means is a sure way of achieving the best outcomes in combating cancerous tumours. In most advanced cancers, it is the first line of treatment to eliminate the tumour and stem the spread to other organs.

Surgical oncology includes the surgical elimination of cancers of the breast, head and neck, face, thyroid, stomach and intestines, prostate, uterus, etc. For treatment in the top breast cancer hospital, come to Fortis Kolkata.

Breast Cancer

This common cancer in women gets the safest treatment in the most competent hands at Fortis Cancer Institute. Equipped with the best of breast specialists in Kolkata whose aim is to avoid mastectomy and preserve the breast, the Institute boasts of highly specialised treatment of breast cancer in its various stages. Because breast cancers are of different types, it needs extremely proficient breast specialists to deal with each specific type. The two common treatment methods of radiation and chemotherapy for cancer are usually used in combination. Depending on the extent to how the cancer has affected the breast, oncologists evaluate the best treatment modes that can conserve the breast and only involves the partial removal of the affected part. Immunotherapy for cancer treatment is also performed at Fortis Hospitals.

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Why us?

Fortis Kolkata has earned its reputation for being a top choice for obtaining cancer treatment in India. Being known as one of the top oncology hospitals, Fortis is dedicated to getting cancer patients fully cured and back to normal life as far as possible. Whether it is chemotherapy for cancer that you are looking for or immunotherapy for cancer treatment, we assure you that Fortis Hospitals will use the best of its resources to cater to everyone's individualistic needs.

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