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Recovery from a heart transplant can be a long process, spanning up to six months for many people. After the first day or two after the procedure, you'll most likely be moved from the ICU. However, you'll remain in the hospital as you continue to heal. Hospital stays range from one to three weeks, based on your individual rate of recovery. During your stay in the hospital You'll be monitored for infection, and your medication management will begin. Anti-rejection medications are crucial to ensure that your body doesn't reject your donor organ.

Receiving a new heart can improve the quality of life considerably, but it is all dependent on the patient to take good care of it. A heart-healthy diet and lifestyle as prescribed by your doctor along with the anti-rejection medicines should be strictly followed. This includes not smoking and exercising on a regular basis if you're able.

Survival rates for people who've had a heart transplant vary according to their overall health status, but averages remain high. Rejection is the main cause for a shortened life span. As of today we have evidence that more than 90% Heart Transplanted patients survive more than 10 years.

Why us?

We at Fortis Hospital Kolkata have performed over 5 successful heart transplants since 2018 which is the first in Eastern India. Our heart transplant program is backed by state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge medical interventions and wisdom of more than two decades of cardiac care experience. We have performed many path breaking heart transplant surgeries.

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