Diseases & Treatment

Two common treatments:

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery: During a FESS, the surgery is usually done through the nose using small telescopes viewed on video screens. The navigation through the nasal cavity is done via a computer-aided tool which assists the surgeon to see the pathways clearly. While in surgery, the surgeon uses fine manipulations to remove infected or obstructing bone or tissue so the sinuses may open and improve drainage. Polyps and swollen tissue, as well as diseased secretions, are also removed.

Balloon Sinuplasty: Balloon Sinuplasty is a method where medically-approved balloons are used to dilate narrow sinus passages. It can be effective to relieve certain symptoms of chronic sinusitis which are caused because of bony obstructions. Balloon Sinuplasty enables patients to return to normal activities quickly. Unlike conventional sinus surgery, it does not include the removal of bone or tissue from the nose, although sometimes it may be combined with sinus surgery for better results. Balloon Sinuplasty is sometimes performed under local anaesthesia.


For our youngest patients, we combine excellent ear, nose, and throat treatments with a touch of special care designed just for children. We have some of the best ENT surgeons in Kolkata and child ENT specialists who make hospital visits seem not scary at all. Our doctors care and are specially trained to listen to and speak the language the children are most comfortable with.

Housing one of the best ENT clinics in Kolkata, we continue to provide routine paediatric otolaryngology care and treatment for ENT diseases with our paediatric specialists working with interdisciplinary teams so they may, together, treat complex ear, nose, and throat problems and ultimately achieve the best possible treatment and care.

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