Areas Of Care

Our State-of-the-Art NICU

Fortis (NICU), is a state-of-the-art facility. Reduce the stress of the NICU experience and help the immediate and long-term health of premature babies and other critically ill infants.

Our state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides following services

We can manage extreme premature babies like 26 weeker and extreme low birthweight babies like only 500 gms at birth. We have latest research-based designs to nurture and enhance a premature infant�s development. In our NICU, we provide complex care for sick and premature infants and have available multiple subspecialty consults,

We can provide all sorts of respiratory support of babies with breathing difficulties including hood oxygen, CPCP, invasive ventilation with high quality neonatal ventilator, high frequency ossilation where conventional ventilation fails to work,

We can monitor blood pressure both by invasive and noninvasive way where babies are too sick and not able to maintain blood pressure.

Total parental nutrition for babies who are not able to feed for their illness or prematurity

Photo therapy and exchange transfusion for neonatal jaundice.

Provide prompt and readily available access to a full range of pediatric medical subspecialists like neurologist and endocrinologist

Peritoneal dialysis for babies with renal failure with supervision of Paediatric Nephrologist

Neonatal Echocardiography for any type of congenital cardiac problem.

All type of Neonatal surgery by experienced Paediatric surgeon and anaethesiologist. Complicated surgical birth defect like Oesophageal atresia (absent foodpipe), absent Anus(where opening for potty is absent), intestinal obstruction or malrotation (tangling of foodpipe)

Perform advanced imaging, with interpretation on an urgent basis, including computed tomography, MRI, and echocardiography laser surgery for retinopathy of prematurity, High-tech incubators,

Neonatal orthopaedic support for patients who has problem in knee or ankle.

Blood transfusion for babies with severe anaemia.

Classes are offered to NICU parents and family members interested in learning more about various topics, including: parenting, prematurity, breastfeeding, kangaroo and developmental care. We offer classes on infant CPR, SIDS friends and extended family.

24-hour Rooming for mom and baby

Skin-to-Skin Contact education for new moms and their newborns

24/7 consult with specialty services, such as: Hematology, Neurology, microbiology Infectious Diseases

24-hour visitation policy for parents and Kangaroo mother care

Breastfeeding education room and a breast milk refrigerator, swaddle bathing, and skin-to-skin .We accept high-risk neonatal transports 24/7.

NEST (Neonatal stabilisation and transport)

Neonates needing special or intensive care should preferably be transported by a skilled transport team through an organized teamwork. Appropriate equipments and vehicle customized for neonates should be available for safe transport. Pre-transport stabilization is the most vital step in the whole process of transport. We have developed an efficient transport systems for the sick or preterm babies to our center with expertise and facilities for the provision of multi-organ intensive care during the process of transport for those babies who are born in smaller center with less facilities to improve outcomes. This service is active for 24hrs.

At-Risk Newborns

We deliver round-the-clock treatment for a number of conditions, including:

  • Breathing problems
  • Premature birth
  • Conditions affecting the brain
  • Heart conditions
  • Stomach and digestive disorders
  • Jaundice
  • Anemia
  • Infections
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Failure to thrive
  • Surgical problem from Birth like gut obstruction or malrotation,
  • Kidney problem from birth